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Modern wood flooring comes either unfinished or factory-finished. Natural wood floors cannot be left unfinished once installed. Each needs some type of sealant or coat to protect it from wear and moisture.

An unfinished floor is finished after it has been installed. It will be sanded, stained/painted and sealed on the job site. You can select the color of stain or paint and sheen of the polyurethane coat. This allows you to customize the color and shine as you want or need.

Factory-finished wood floors come already finished, as the name suggests. They can be installed faster than unfinished floors because they come ready to walk on. A professional vendor or installer at Galaxie Floor Stores can discuss your options with you.

Both types of floors can enhance a room’s style and add value to a home. It is, however, not your least expensive flooring option.


Solid wood flooring is solid throughout. Its thickness will vary and it can be sanded and refinished any number of times. Engineered floors are real wood that are manufactured using wood veneers. They tend to be more stable. The grain of the veneer runs in any direction, allowing it to be more resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations. Depending on the thickness of the outer layer, it may or may not be refinished and sanded.



You can imitate the look of hardwood with easy-to-install laminate. It is less expensive than hardwood, in part because it is much easier and faster to install. The advancement of technology has allowed for laminate floors that are practically indistinguishable from real hardwoods. It can take a very trained eye to distinguish the difference.


Most people confuse laminate and vinyl flooring. However, there is a difference and today’s vinyl flooring is not the same as 1970s vinyl flooring. The primary difference between vinyl and laminate is moisture. Vinyl is more water resistant than laminate and should be the first choice in bathrooms. Otherwise, both laminate and vinyl can trick the average eye into looking like hardwood. Both are easily maintained and highly scratch resistant. Both perform well in high-traffic areas.


Just as the vinyl and laminate have come to so accurately imitate hardwoods, so has ceramic tile. Ceramic, unlike the other two, is a great choice for an indoor/outdoor space. It is just as easy to maintain and clean, although it is a bit more delicate than laminate or vinyl. It can imitate hardwood floors well and can extend straight out into your outdoor spaces. Tile even comes in plank shapes similar to hardwood floors.

A qualified flooring professional at Galaxie Floor Stores can go through each of your options with you discussing the space you are considering, your lifestyle, budget and needs.

For exquisite veneer options that complement your style, explore Cantolli’s collection. Contact us today to bring the beauty of veneer into your living space.

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