Enjoy the Look of Rich Wood

WOOD FLOORING: Modern wood flooring comes either unfinished or factory-finished. Natural wood floors cannot be left unfinished once installed. Each needs some type of sealant or coat to protect it from wear and moisture. An unfinished floor is finished after it has been installed. It will be sanded, stained/painted and sealed on the job site. …

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Engineered Veneer: A Symphony of Innovation and Elegance

Unveil a new realm of sophistication with Richwood Engineered Veneer, where innovation meets timeless elegance. Meticulously crafted with cutting-edge precision, Richwood Engineered Veneer offers a refined alternative to traditional wood veneers, seamlessly blending the allure of natural wood with heightened durability and versatility. Richwood Engineered Veneer, often referred to as reconstructed veneer or engineered wood …

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Is Veneer Better than Laminate? Unveiling the Superiority of Veneer Finishes

When it comes to the realm of furniture finishes, the eternal debate between veneer and laminate persists. As we navigate the nuances, it becomes evident that, especially in the context of a veneer-centric site, veneer holds a distinct edge. In this exploration of veneer vs. laminate, we’ll unravel the unparalleled advantages of veneer finishes, shedding …

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