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The Perfect Match

Cantolli, which comes from the word – ‘Kan-to-li’ , a fifth century trading port located on Sumatra’s southeast coast, believes in perfect matches, that any interior can only be regarded as complete when matched with the ideal veneer.

Although of similar species, every tree and hence every slice of veneer is different with its distinctive colour, grain and texture. Each having its own beauty, own way to accentuate and complement different surroundings.

Helping you find the perfect veneer is our goal. With over 100 types of veneers, there is sure to be a match that fits the species of your choice, colour, natural characteristics, grain, cut etc.

Here at Cantolli we put in the extra effort, so that you may feel the true beauty of veneer.

Our Products

With over 100 wood species to choose from, choice is but a certainty. There is sure to be that one veneer that can bring out the natural beauty of your home.

Make a personal visit to our showroom, for only you can know which will accentuate your spaces. Leave the rest up to us, as Cantolli supplies the best of quality. And we are masters in helping you realise the full aesthetic potential of your home.

Come see the spectacular design spectrum nature has created, so that you can bring home her splendour.

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